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meet Erik

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Erik Nelson
DRE #02113178


I grew up in Westmoreland, Kansas a small town just outside of Manhattan.  My father was the town doctor and in 1985 my family relocated to California for a different opportunity.  When I graduated high school I moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado to work at my grandfather’s mechanical heating and plumbing company while going to school.  While there I learned a valuable trade that has assisted me in performing my own numerous bathroom and home remodels. 

I left Colorado in 1999 and formed a band with my two brothers.  I played bass guitar and managed and marketed the band for five years touring California and beyond. While in the band I worked in computer sales at a local Rocklin company, Olympus Systems. It was also at this time that I started my company Reliant Legal Services, a business that focused on the service of legal papers.

All of these experiences provided me with a cross-section of skills and management vision for taking responsibility for the tasks to be addressed in order to reach desired goals.

In 2005 I was hired at Washington Mutual into their P.A.C.E. program (Premier, Achievement, Career, Employee).  This was a 15-month training program that took me through every role the bank offered on a path to management. WaMu was acquired in 2008 by JPMorgan Chase during the financial crisis; at that time, I was managing a large branch in Midtown Sacramento.  Over the course of my career with Chase I managed five branches of different sizes and complexity and was recognized as a multi-year national achiever.

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In 2010 I met the love of my life, Jenna McGrail and we were married in 2011. As you can guess this is how I met Shari.  Twelve years and four children later I am very fortunate to have both Jenna and Shari in my life. Shari’s passion for real estate and helping her clients as well as my professional history and long career in customer service influenced my decision to leave finance for a career in real estate, which began in the challenged year of 2020.


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Additionally, I am a professional photographer and videographer, and those skills are a natural fit in real estate. For each of our listings I take special care to produce still shots that capture important details as well as smooth walk-through video tours that are both dramatic and realistic, enabling people to know these homes well before ever seeing them.


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